Low Maintenance Gardening

Keep your garden happy with these quick and easy 'low maintenance gardening' hints and tips.

10 Things You Need To Consider When Building Your Garden Gym

A garden gym can be the perfect man cave that does away with the sweaty crowds from commercial gyms. You will have the freedom to design your gym however you want, free from judging eyes and tailored to your own workout goals. With your own gym you’ll never have to wait for a machine again.

Here are our top tips for building your own gym in your garden.

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Garden Games: How To Keep The Kids Entertained Outdoors

Many of us head out into the garden when the sun is shining to spend time together as a family, but it’s usually not long until we hear the dreaded words “I’m bored” uttered by the little ones.

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10 Garden Jobs You Can Do In A Day

Some garden jobs require a lot of forethought, planning and days of work, but not everything needs to take so long. By setting aside a day, you can transform a garden from being tired and overgrown to being the smart and awesome green space that you always knew it could be.

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Sustainable Soccer

Football grows bigger with each passing year, and so does its responsibility to promote sustainability and the best interests of its own community and future.

We’ve carefully selected 13 stadiums from around the globe to show what the sustainable future of football might look like.

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Get The Garden Jobs Done, Quicker!

It’s time for the would-be gardeners and outdoor types to get outside and get the garden thriving again. Armed with reliable, high performance tools means you won’t need to spend hours each day doing it either.

We’ve included our top tips to master your garden jobs fast and efficiently – with time to spare for some real adventure.

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The Ultimate Garden Playlist

Whether you’re an avid, green-fingered gardener or a reluctant maintenance man, garden chores can be made much more enjoyable with the right soundtrack.

Depending on the task at hand, you might what to adjust the tempo or genre.

Perhaps if you’re getting the whole family involved there might be some compromising over what is played but either way, the sound of your favourite tunes will be music to your ears as you tackle each season’s garden tasks.

Here at McCulloch HQ we’ve collected the ultimate songs for every gardening mood to give you all the inspiration you need to create your own playlist…

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A Guide To Low Maintenance Plants And Flowers

It’s always nice to have a beautiful garden but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to maintain it throughout the year. Many of us want to enjoy the finer things in life and spend time in the garden as opposed to working in it. This is why sometimes it is better to create a low maintenance garden that requires minimal effort with maximum effect. Follow our top tips to make your garden the outdoor haven you have always wanted.

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The 10 Garden Tools You Need This Summer

Summertime is peak season for doing work in the garden, as it is the time when all of your plants are growing. You will also need a well-maintained outdoor space for the summer parties or impromptu football matches with your children. Now that the weather is going to start getting warmer you need to make sure you’re ready! Regardless of your experience in the garden, there are tools that everyone needs to get the job done.

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9 Tips To Maintaining Your Garden Shed

A man’s shed is a very integral part of the garden. But it’s important to take care of it if you want to prolong your man cave’s life. The tasks involved in keeping it healthy aren’t always lengthy, however constant care is required to ensure its life is lived to the fullest.

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