Push Lawn Mowers

McCulloch lawn mowers follow the distinct McCulloch design, where a powerful interior is matched by an equally powerful exterior. With its sporty and distinctive black design, its fierce yellow elements draw you to its power. These are no doubt our best looking push lawn mowers to date.

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The power to get it done!

Our push mowers come with a selection of high performance engine types. The McCulloch engine is developed for power and performance, whilst Briggs & Stratton / Honda for innovation and power.

Robust, durable designs.

Our McCulloch push mowers come with a powder coated super durable steel body reducing the chance of damage and deterioration. Their compact design and foldable handles allow you to store your mower in a small space like under a bench in garage of garden shed.

Mulch for a greener lawn.

Cutting your lawn little and often has a number of benefits. Not only does it promote healthy grass growth, but it can help create a greener looking lawn. McCulloch offers a number of lawn mowers that allow you to mulch the grass (cut the grass clippings, incredibly small) and eject the clippings back onto the lawn. Because the clippings are so small, they quickly breakdown adding vital nutrients and moisture into the lawn promoting healthy grass growth.

Push mowers

Choose from a range of high performance push lawn mowers each with the power to get the job done. Choose a larger cutting width to enable to cut more grass in one pass - faster!

  • Drive system
    Cylinder displacement
    120 cm³
    Cutting width
    40 cm
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