Ride on mowers are no longer the preserve of those with vast amounts of land. For those with a large garden or lawn up to half an acre and beyond, mowing the grass can be a time-consuming and strenuous task. These machines will get the job done quickly, giving you more time to spend on plants, flowers and enjoying your space.

Sometimes referred to as sit on or sit down mowers, our ride on mowers come in 3 different categories, each a specialist in its own field. Depending on whether your outdoor space veers towards the smaller side of large, is large with a simple layout or a complex one full of obstacles, McCulloch has just the ride on mower you need.

Cross Mowers

A small and compact ride on mower designed for working in smaller gardens. McCulloch cross mowers are ideal for cutting simple lawns with few obstacles and narrow spaces, while their compact design makes them easy to store in small spaces. The ideal riding lawn mower for those on a budget.

cross mower
Side discharge garden tractor from behind.

Garden Tractors

There's a McCulloch garden tractor to take on any challenge. Designed for gardens big or small, this type of ride on mower offers both manual and automatic transmissions to help take the effort out of mowing. Some tractors come equipped with a PowerDrive transmission, allowing for an extra fast and enjoyable driving experience, making them probably the fastest ride on mowers on the domestic market.

Front Mowers

The premium type of ride on mower. Front mowers have a front-mounted cutting deck allowing you to see exactly where you cut, plus because the steering is controlled at the rear, you are provided with an incredibly tight turning circle, unmatched by any other type of ride on lawn mower. Best used in larger, more complex gardens which have many obstacles to cut around..

front mowers